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This class introduces studies in the algorithmic manipulation of type as word, symbol, and form. Problems covered will include semantic filtering, inherently unstable letterforms, and spoken letters. The history and traditions of typography, and their entry into the

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“inherent” 가 포함된 예문을 보여주세요.
“It’s a problem inherent to to the system, we’d have to start from scratch to solve it.” “The tower is built on a swamp, which makes it inherently unstable.” “Some people are just
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In view of the fact that a passive magnetic levitation system is an inherently unstable plant, therefore, in this study, we not only make one’s utmost to reform the configuration but also design a controller to achieve the stability.
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Ambisense sendai viruses are inherently unstable but are useful to study viral RNA synthesis Philippe Le Mercier, Dominique Garcin, St?phane Hausmann, …
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The downward continuation process is inherently unstable and any high frequency noise present in the data gets strongly magnified in the transformed map in such a way to mask any useful signal. How to accurately calculate the any order vertical derivative of total field magnetic anomaly (Bm) is a crucial matter of implementing downward continuation.
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