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使用 Android 資料庫: Room
先來看看 Room 有哪些特點: Room 把一些 SQLite 底層實作封裝起來讓我們能更方便存取資料庫,不需要再寫冗長的程式碼才能將 SQL 和 Kotlin程式資料類別轉換 Room支援編譯時期的 SQL 語法檢查,不需要等到執行後才能發現錯誤。
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使用Kotlin和Android JetPack開發一款App
使用Kotlin語言開發,使用了Android JetPack中的LiveData,ViewModel以及Room。 為了學習Kotlin和鞏固自定義View和ViewGroup,這個專案是儘量少應用依賴第三方庫。 Api來自豆瓣電影,豆瓣電影Api目前是不公開的,小編是在簡書上看到有人公開了訪問豆瓣電影的Api的API_KEY,如果有侵犯,請聯絡刪除!
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Kotlin 一條龍 – 打造全平臺應用
Kotlin 一條龍 – 打造全平臺應用 聽完這場分享後,您將了解如何用 Kotlin 打造全平臺應用,並且對 Ktor 的 Client 元件及 Server 運作有更進一步的認識。 活動日期:2020 年 07 月 24 日 活動時間:PM 03:00 主 …
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Room: Database Relationships
The Room allows you to define Foreign Key constraints between entities. For example, if there’s Customer entity, you can define its relationship to the Address entity using the @ForeignKeyannotation, as shown in the following code snippet.
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Kotlin Programming Language

Kotlin has great support and many contributors in its fast-growing global community. Enjoy the benefits of a rich ecosystem with a wide range of community libraries. Help is never far away – consult extensive community resources or ask the Kotlin team directly.
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Build Your First Android App in Kotlin
In this codelab, you’ll build your first Android app in Kotlin. You’ll learn how to use Android Studio to create an app, add UI elements known as views to your app, and add click handlers for the views. You’ll finish by adding a second screen to your app.
【Kotlin 教學 中文開放式課程】第一支 Kotlin 程式 & IntelliJ IDEA 安裝與環境介紹
包含:ViewModel+LiveData+Room+Paging 語言:Kotlin 採用kotlin coroutines實現資料庫操作 不包含databinding(對方比較之後,覺得databinding不夠靈活而且還存在一些問題,具體百度搜索.不過demo裡其實也附帶了一個包含databinding的例子) 程式碼實現(只貼出重點
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Android Room: Handling Relations Using LiveData
Disclaimer: This article is related to earlier versions of Room. It wouldn’t be of great help for newer versions. Because of these reasons: We all appreciate having a good ORM in our projects. For… Please pay attention that we have to use Transformations to set the cities upon emission of the state, meaning that when someone starts observing the returned LiveData, when this LiveData
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Android Room: Insert relation entities using Room
I’ve added one to many relationship in Room using Relation.I referred to this post to write the following code for relation in Room. The post tells how to read the values from the database but storing the entities into the database resulted in userId to be empty which means there is no relation between the 2 tables.
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27/12/2019 · android.arch.persistence.room.ForeignKey Declares a foreign key on another Entity . Foreign keys allows you to specify constraints across Entities such that SQLite will ensure that the relationship is valid when you modify the database.
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